by DSW


I really wish I could update today, but Metsfan (We'll call him Kevin for now on) also does other stuff besides this comic. 


So while we're all sitting around waiting for an update you could read "ABORTED FETAL MATTER" 

A lot of it are just some comics I drew during a huge test, but I've made more just out of fun.

by DSW

Awkward Moments?

I got really sick of it, honestly. And other things have been stressing me in life.

Plain enough, I had a nervous breakdown. I just deleted all of the Awkward Moments comics. And this comic here, is just morbid jokes I made out of anger. 


Although I hate Awkward Moments, I find deleting it to be a horrible mistake, and I regret it immensley. I will recreate as many strips as I can, I promise that.


THANKFULLY, almost all the color comics still exist! (Except for the Sir Dylanfold one :C. I promise he'll get a larger role in this comic.)

read them here

I promise I'll update the comic there regularly. I'm really sorry about this.